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Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival has been supporting fun math events for over a decade all over the world. JRMF's mission is to inspire the next generation of problem solvers with joyful, collaborative mathematics. Prior to COVID, JRMF supported hosts in setting up and running in-person math festivals, where students have agency to explore a wide variety of hands-on activities led by trained facilitators.

At the start of 2020, JRMF had over 120 festivals planned around the world. Since COVID, JRMF has transitioned into a digital organization. We hold multiple, weekly interactive webinars for students, parents, educators, mathematicians, and math enthusiasts, and all of our resources, activities, and digital apps are freely available online on our website. Starting in November 2020, JRMF began its Webinars-on-Request program, through which we help to support communities in hosting their own online interactive webinars. We have already held over 30 Webinars-on-Requests for communities in 4 different continents, and are continually excited by all of the events we have planned for the future.

If you are interested in learning more about JRMF and our current offerings, you can visit our website at jrmf.org or contact as at [email protected].