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More Math! Resources

For those of you who can't wait until the next National Math Festival, we invite you to explore the wonder and beauty of math with these puzzles, games, books, videos, and other mathy treats. Resources are categorized by age level and updated monthly!

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The very popular YouTube channel 3Blue1Brown, by Grant Sanderson, is a combination of math and entertainment. Sanderson explores mathematical explanations driven by animations, giving new perspective into math problems and concepts.

52 Master Pieces

An armchair treasure hunt puzzle website overflowing with classic and original brainteasers, games, ciphers, puzzles, wordplay, and more. The contest has concluded, but the puzzles are free for everyone to enjoy!

A Dozen Hat Problems

In each of these problems, hats of specified colors are placed on players’ heads. Each player can see the colors of some or all of the other player’s hats, but not his own. The goal is to come up with… Learn more →

A Math Theory for Why People Hallucinate

When a 1920s psychologist named Heinrich Klüver carefully documented how his visual field changed while hallucinating, he noted recurring patterns that bore a striking resemblance to shapes commonly found in ancient cave drawings and in the paintings of Joan Miró…. Learn more →

Adalogical AEnigmas

From The Guardian‘s Alex Bellos: Try your hand at these logic puzzles inspired by Ada Lovelace and designed by Pavel Curtis, a legend in the puzzle community who has a day job as a software architect at Microsoft. The grids are… Learn more →

Beautiful Math

What do mathematicians think is beautiful about mathematics? The National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) asks this question to some of the country’s most renowned mathematicians working in education and industry – check out these video interviews!

Bedtime Math App & Books

In the spirit of making math as beloved as the bedtime story, Bedtime Math founder and 2017 National Math Festival presenter Laura Overdeck’s Bedtime Math books and free mobile app pair wacky math problems with colorful illustrations for more family reading and conversation…. Learn more →

Bees & Bombs: Animated Math Art

Theoretical physicist-turned-mathematical artist Dave Whyte is known on Twitter and Tumblr as @beesandbombs. Get inspired to create your own math art with these beautiful animations of mathematical transformations that are leaving the internet perplexed and delighted!

Brilliant: Math & Science Courses

Brilliant teaches learn math and science concepts through interactive, problem-solving based courses for both desktop and mobile devices for a monthly ($25) or annual subscription fee, with some limited free content including weekly challenges and previews of content, including: Number… Learn more →

Building on Young Children’s Mathematical Thinking

It all starts with children’s thinking. 2019 Festival presenter Development and Research in Early Math Education (DREME) has partnered with The Teaching Channel and expert early educators to create videos on a variety of math topics. These six videos demonstrate… Learn more →