Rebin Muhammad | National Math Festival

Rebin Muhammad

Rebin Muhammad was born in Kurdistan of Iraq and is a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio University. He developed an interest in Islamic Geometric Patterns (IGP) after discovering the work of Instagram artists who specialize in IGP. He never studied art, but these artists inspired him to create artwork based on IGP. When he began creating IGP, his interest was personal, but as his involvement deepened, he became aware of the potential of IGP in education, especially in math. He has used IGP to teach from elementary to university levels, from concepts as basic as symmetry and as advanced as wallpaper group. He has found IGP has tremendous potential as an interdisciplinary subject in education through its ties to art, history, culture, and math.

2019 Festival

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival: Play with Islamic Geometric Pattern Tiles with Rebin Muhammad

Create your own unique artwork and patterns with these colorful tiles and discover beautiful symmetries.