Dr. Marcus du Sautoy | National Math Festival

Dr. Marcus du Sautoy

University of Oxford

Dr. Marcus du Sautoy is the Charles Simonyi Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University. His many honors include the Berwick Prize of the London Mathematical Society awarded for the best mathematical research made by a mathematician under 40 and the Royal Society’s Faraday Prize, the UK’s premier award for excellence in communicating science. In 2016 he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society.

He has written six major books for the public including his most recent book The Creativity Code published in 2019 by Harvard University Press. His first book The Music of the Primes won two major prizes in Italy and Germany for the best popular science book of the year. Dr. du Sautoy has presented numerous radio and TV series including a four-part landmark TV series for the BBC called The Story of Maths. He writes regularly for a range of newspapers and for several years he had a regular column in the Times called Sexy Science. He works extensively with a range of arts organizations bringing science alive for the public from The Royal Opera House to the Glastonbury Festival.

View Dr. du Sautoy’s 2017 Festival presentation “The Math of Art and Art of Math” on Vimeo.