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Mary Chrestenson-Becker

Mary Chrestenson-Becker

Mary Chrestenson-Becker is a math tutor and an origami teacher. She has been conducting origami classes and workshops in schools and at events for the past 25 years. She enjoys the connections between origami and geometry. She works as a self-employed math tutor. In addition to inspiring confidence in her students she strives to help them understand, appreciate, and enjoy math. She has a BA in math from Grinnell College and an MS in computer science from Rutgers University. She worked at Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ), taught CS at Vanderbilt University, taught math courses for the Economics Institute in Boulder Colorado and Jakarta Indonesia, and taught high school in North Carolina. She currently lives in Durham, North Carolina with her husband.

2019 Festival

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival: Explore Geometric Origami with Mary Chrestenson-Becker

Students will make multiple units and assemble these units into geometric shapes. The results of the folding will be colorful and beautiful models that students can take home with them.