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Print & Play Resources

Print & Play Resources

These projects can be printed at home and assembled to create mathematical objects!

  • All About FlexagonsLots of activities here about folding these tricky paper puzzles. You can also try our 2017 National Math Festival flexagon print and play puzzle at home (see below)!
  • Free Math Printables: 3D ShapesCreate free printable patterns for common 3D shapes like pyramids, cubes, octahedrons, and more! You can add your own photos, textures, or clipart images to the faces to make them more colorful. Use these patterns to print and construct photo cubes, math models, and more.
  • Platonic Paper Folding: These polyhedra designs by the Bridges Organization were a hit at the 2017 Festival – now you can print and assemble them at home with cardstock and glue.

This tricky hexaflexagon puzzle was created for the 2017 National Math Festival.

This puzzle requires a color printer, scissors, and a glue stick. Younger kids may need an adult’s help to cut and follow assembly instructions.

Download puzzle with instructions (PDF)
View step-by-step photo instructions

Can you figure out how to flip this puzzle so that you can see the other sides? Share your results with us on Twitter or Instagram!

To learn how you can make your own hexaflexagon designs, check out Vi Hart’s video on the subject.

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