Mathigon: Mathematical Origami | National Math Festival
Mathigon: Mathematical Origami

Mathigon: Mathematical Origami

Mathigon provides a collection of free resources for mathematical origami and papercrafting. You can try simple platonic solids (tetrahedra, cubes, etc.) using origami paper or with the free print-at-home nets for each object. (The “net” of a 3D object is a diagram of all facets on a flat surface, which can be folded and attached using tape or glue to make the 3D shape.)

Once you master the simple shapes, try your hand at the more complex objects, or try to recreate your own version of some of the very ambitious shapes shown in the gallery. We love this example shown by an educator on Twitter of how to turn the nets into a collapsible project after folding, using just needle and thread! Thanks to the Table Talk Math newsletter for sharing this great resource.

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