John Edmark’s Mathematical Sculptures | National Math Festival
John Edmark’s Mathematical Sculptures

John Edmark’s Mathematical Sculptures

John Edmark is a mathematical artist who creates sculptures that “seem to move and “bloom” like magic. Learn more about his art:

  • Creating the Never-Ending Bloom: Learn about mathematical artist John Edmark in this Science Friday feature! Using meticulously crafted platforms, patterns, and layers, Edmark’s art explores the seemingly magical properties that are present in spiral geometries. In his most recent body of work, Edmark creates a series of animating “blooms” that endlessly unfold and animate as they spin beneath a strobe light.
  • Phyllotactic Spirals and the Art of John EdmarkWhat do plants know about numbers? A certain spiral pattern commonly seen in sunflowers, pinecones, and many species of cacti contains some surprising numerical properties. In this video, Paul Dancstep of San Francisco’s Exploratorium investigates kinetic sculptures by artist John Edmark.
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