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2021 Festival

The Young People’s Project (YPP)

The Young People’s Project (YPP) uses Math Literacy Work to develop the abilities of elementary through high school students to succeed in school and in life, and in doing so involves them in efforts to eliminate institutional obstacles to their success. YPP envisions a day when every young person — regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class — has access to a high-quality education and the skills, attributes, and community support s/he needs to successfully meet the challenges of their generation.

2021 Festival

Tuesday, February 16, 2021 (1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern)

What’s the Big Idea: A Game Show Featuring Students and Mathematicians

Join elementary, middle, and high school students for a whirlwind presentation of big ideas in math — presented by mathematicians — and judged by students! Students will assess the mathematicians’ explanations based on fun and clarity. Audience members participate in voting too, so come ready to listen and vote on your favorite big math ideas. This show is presented by the Young People’s Project, which uses a near-peer mentoring model to support student achievement in math.

NMF Live Online (April 16-18, 2021)

Young People’s Project Presents: Math Games for All Ages

During the National Math Festival, YPP invites you to play collaborative and individual games. Come play YPP math games and check out Math Talk designs! The games will consist of:

  • YPP Icebreakers & Math Games – Meet others, play short and fun team building activities, and select from a range of math activities (K-8), including a math scavenger hunt.
  • YPP Math Challenges – Kahoot Challenges will cover different topics from the arc of Flagway: even and odd numbers, primes and composites, prime factorization, and algebra form.
  • Virtual Math Escape Room – Can you make it out first? Work as a team to find clues and solve math problems, riddles, and puzzles to complete tasks to get out.

The 2017 and 2019 annual Flagway Tournaments were held at the National Math Festival in Washington, DC. Since the pandemic, tournaments have moved online for 2020 and 2021. Learn more at flagway.org.