2021 Festival

The Young People’s Project (YPP)

The Young People’s Project (YPP) uses Math Literacy Work to develop the abilities of elementary through high school students to succeed in school and in life, and in doing so involves them in efforts to eliminate institutional obstacles to their success. YPP envisions a day when every young person — regardless of ethnicity, gender, or class — has access to a high-quality education and the skills, attributes, and community support s/he needs to successfully meet the challenges of their generation.


2021 Festival

YPP Games and Flagway Tournament

Math with your sneakers on! Play hands-on engaging YPP math games, and cheer your favorite hometown team in the national Flagway™ Tournament. Meet Math Literacy Workers, students who train their peers (and you!) in the math skills to help everyone shine in this fun, exciting team sport.

The Young People’s Project’s 5th Annual National Flagway™ Tournament will bring together middle school players and their coaches (high school mentors) from across the country, to compete in a friendly math competition. The Flagway™ Game combines speed, athleticism, and precision with the mastery of mathematics. Flagway™ has the same elements that most sports have: running, scoring points, teamwork, coaching, training, competition, collaboration, and fun. Because of this, people of all ages are naturally attracted to the game.

To be good at Flagway™ however also requires a mastery of mathematics. Our goal is that Flagway™ will target students who typically are not recognized for mathematical achievement and will provide a vehicle for them to shine in this arena. Check out a video of the 3rd Annual Tournament, which took place at the National Math Festival in 2019. Come play YPP math games, check out MathTalk designs, and join the tournament as a spectator!