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Dr. Talea L. Mayo

2017 Festival

Dr. Talea L. Mayo

University of Central Florida

Dr. Talea L. Mayo is an assistant professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Construction Engineering at the University of Central Florida. She specializes in coastal ocean modeling, with special interests in hurricane storm surge modeling, flood risk assessment, and the development of mathematical methods of improving models using data.

2017 Festival – When Will I Ever Use This: How Scientists Use Math to Model and Understand Hurricane Storm Surges

Major hurricanes such as Katrina (2005), Sandy (2012), and Irene (2011) can have devastating impacts, whether we experience the storms firsthand, have family members who are affected, or are simply exposed to them through media coverage. Watch and explore how math can be used to understand the world around us, through forecasting, modeling, and risk assessment of hurricane storm surges.

2017 Festival – Not Your Average Mathematician

Talea Mayo grew up watching the TV show “Matlock” and always thought she’d be a lawyer. However, she also always really enjoyed math. It was challenging for her, but as with anything, she got better the more she practiced. She grew to love the subject and later realized the similarities between math problems and the logical arguments required in law. She wanted to make an impact on society with her career, and eventually found that through mathematics she could do that too! Watch this talk to understand how.