Room 204c, Level 2, Walter E. Washington Convention Center

Age Level

11-13 14-18 18+
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Mathical Reading with Wendy Lichtman: “Secrets, Lies, and Algebra”

Tess, an 8th grader with a love of algebra, uses math metaphors to help her examine her world. How, she wonders, can the quadratic formula help her learn which of her friends betrayed a secret? Does gossip travel like the football you throw, the tennis ball you hit, the rock you skip over a lake – are they all parabolas? Can Venn diagrams help you understand the true connections you have with your friends? Can lines and line segments explain life and death? Come listen to Wendy Lichtman read from Secrets, Lies and Algebra, and learn how Tess uses math metaphors to help her examine her friendships and solve a family mystery.

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Presented by:

Wendy Lichtman

Young Adult Author

Wendy Lichtman holds a degree in mathematics, and when she decided to write the story behind Secrets, Lies and Algebra – about a teen realizing that some questions have more…

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