2017 Festival Schedule Preview!

Immerse yourself in the playful side of math!

Preschoolers will learn programming—with only their own two hands and feet! Teens: Take cybersecurity into your own hands with real-data manipulations. Got your sneakers on? Race to factor in the Flagway™ game; or test your mettle with mathletic challenges in the Oobleck Olympics.

2017 Festival Presenters

Glimpse how math patterns your life…

From the mathematics of eyesight, to the power of hurricane storm surges, from the inner workings of social networks, to the outer reaches of black holes, from the jazz of physics, to the math behind drag car racing, from the stats on video game violence, to ‘what Google will never know’ about you! These—and many more—juicy lectures are geared at high schoolers and up.

Explore math in every dimension!

Tackle a truly deep, unsolved math problem with Math Pickle; see if you can find the beginning and end of a Klein bottle with Cliff Stoll; make new friends onscreen with Navajo Math Circles. Meet Brady Haran from the YouTube channel Numberphile (and see what he’s filming at the Festival!) Nab a geometric balloon sculpture to wear. Take your picture and join the We♥Math wall, too.

News & Announcements

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