Art of Problem Solving

Art of Problem Solving textbooks have been used by outstanding students since 1993. The AoPS website launched in 2003, and its online community now has over 300,000 members. Many of the winners of each year’s International Math Olympiad use the AoPS site as a primary training resource. The AoPS online school has over 15,000 enrollments annually in courses specifically designed for high-performing math students. Most of the winners of major American national math competitions are AoPS alumni, and thousands of our alumni enroll in top universities each year.

With AoPS Academy, Art of Problem Solving brings its curriculum and pedagogical techniques to the classroom.

2019 Festival: Make or Take Spiral

Explore the mathematical mystery of the Moebius Strip! Come make your own strip and take a list of exciting Moebius Strip activities to do with your friends or classmates back home. Also, don’t miss your chance to explore the some of the intriguing math resources designed by the Art of Problem Solving.