2017 Festival: Dr. Clifford Stoll

Dr. Clifford Stoll

Dr. Clifford StollThe Mathematical Sciences Research Institute welcomes Dr. Clifford Stoll to the 2017 National Math Festival!

A frequent guest on the YouTube channel Numberphile, Dr. Clifford Stoll is recognizable to a new generation as the man with 1,000 Klein bottles under his house. Stoll drew international attention when he caught a KGB hacker attempting to break into the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory computer system in 1986, one of the first documented hacking incidents in the USA. What followed included legal testimony in Germany, a memoir (The Cuckoo’s Egg), a NOVA documentary, and a sci-fi short story, to name just a few of many results. Stoll has worn many hats in life—astronomer, teacher, author, maker, TED speaker, Klein bottle salesman—but one thing he’s never been is boring. If you see him, ask him about Jupiter.

Möbius Loops and Klein Bottles, Oh My!

Join Dr. Clifford Stoll, the physicist who keeps 1,000 Klein bottles in the crawl space under his northern California home and uses a miniature forklift robot he built to retrieve them. We can’t say for sure what he’ll talk about. We can safely predict he’ll bring at least a few of his blown-glass, mathematically mesmerizing creations courtesy of his company, Acme Klein Bottles. Hint: If you’ve met a Möbius Loop, you’ve met a cousin of the Klein bottle.