2019 Festival

Join us in the heart of downtown D.C. on Saturday, May 4, 2019 for this free, all-ages event!

Whether you bring a friend—or bring the whole family—you will find inspiration and enjoyment. The National Math Festival brings some of today's most fascinating mathematicians together for a wide variety of presentations, performances, short creative films, and hands-on puzzles, games, art-making, mathletic competitions, and more!

Whoever you are, however you feel about math before arriving, come see how math connects to what you love!

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What is the National Math Festival?

"Mathematics is part of our nature – to find structure in the world is simply how our brains work. When we make a point of making math accessible to people who haven't done high-level mathematics, we bring that joy to everybody." – Dr. Rebecca Goldin, George Mason University

"Math is the beautiful, rich, joyful, playful, surprising, frustrating, humbling, and creative art that speaks to something transcendental. It is worthy of much exploration and examination because it is intrinsically beautiful. Why play the violin? Because it is beautiful! Why engage in math? Because it is beautiful!" – Dr. James Tanton, Mathematical Association of America

Major Activity Presenters - Sneak Preview

What would a Festival be without exciting, hands-on activities for ages 1 to 11, and on up to 111 (for those young at heart)? We are thrilled to showcase some of our 2019 Major Activity Presenters below, knowing that one or two more may join the lineup soon!

2019 Presentations - Sneak Preview

Mathical Readings - Sneak Preview

Everybody loves a good story. Come hear award-winning Mathical authors read from their original and math-inspiring works!

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Film Room

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Film Room will be home to many short, creative math films throughout the Festival, as well as opportunities for Q&A with your favorite filmmakers and presenters. We look forward to publishing the film schedule in Fall 2018.

Most films will be geared toward teens, middle schoolers, and adults. You can expect to see some special film events just for elementary students, too!

Make or Take Spiral - Sneak Preview

You asked for it. We’re bringing it! Meander your way through the Make or Take Spiral. Inside this giant installation, you will discover: local D.C. math organizations, national math clubs you can join (or start) at your school, exciting math resources you can take home (or homeschool with or take into your classroom…) or find online.

This is math for everyone, so come see what appeals to you! Why limit the spirit of the National Math Festival to just one day out of 365 (oops, we mean 730, or sometimes 731)? Take home the Festival. There is plenty here to chew on all year round. Love to create? Yes, there will be hands-on, make-and-take activities here for young learners, too.

Interested in exhibiting at the Make or Take Spiral? Spots are by invitation of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), and are limited. Please contact Kirsten Bohl at kbohl@msri.org or 510-499-5181 for more information.